Birdcage Scaffolding

A birdcage scaffold is a large scale scaffold consisting of 2 or more rows of standards and a top lift fully boarded to give access to carry out various work e.g. plastering a ceiling, access to paint an existing ceiling or steelwork in a commercial property.

As the name might suggest birdcage scaffolds are almost always fully enclosed so that trades people working on them are protected from falls thanks to the scaffold’s cage like structure

One of the most practical and commonly used types of scaffold in the UK is birdcage scaffolding. Also known as independent scaffolds, these solutions are designed to access ceilings and exterior areas which are only a floor high. Birdcage scaffolding is essential for a wide range of different work types, including light fixing, ceiling painting and access to essential features such as sprinklers and ventilation points.

Independent scaffolds are a great choice for smaller projects or as part of a much larger construction job. They are useful for a variety of different interior and exterior projects, from actual maintenance and construction to deep cleaning.

How Does Birdcage Scaffolding Work?

Birdcage scaffolds consist of at least two rows of poles (standards). They are then connected by ledgers and transforms at every light height. The top lift is boarded, which provides a spacious working area and an easy access point for your employees or contractors. Independent scaffolds can be erected to more than one lift height and is useful in both interior and exterior environments.

The working spaces of independent scaffolds are designed to be both simple to use and robust. They will be able to offer complete reliability to enable your contractors to work safely. Whether you’re looking to provide access to ceilings, walls, platformed-floors or even scaffold stairs, birdcage scaffolding is the perfect choice for you.

What is Birdcage Scaffolding Useful For?

This style of hard-wearing and practical scaffolding is essential for a wide range of projects. If you’re looking to provide easy and secure access to your ceilings or other raised areas in your property, then these solutions are ideal for you. Just some of the projects that this kind of scaffolding has proven useful for include:

  • Light Fitting – Effectively fighting lights of all kinds, especially in the centre of a tall room, can be extremely difficult. Without a stable area to work from, light fitting can be quite dangerous. For larger lighting solutions, which can often require a complicated fitting, birdcage scaffolding is essential.
  • Ventilation Systems – Ventilation systems are an important part of any large property, especially a commercial space. Unfortunately, they can be difficult to install or conduct repairs on. Thanks to birdcage scaffolding, your contractors will be able to quickly and easily access the entire ventilation system. Whether you want to conduct repairs on an existing system or an entirely new one, you need independent interior scaffolding.
  • Sprinklers & Fire Alarms – Making sure that your fire alarms and sprinkler systems are operating as effectively as possible is important for any large space. These safety features can be difficult to reach, especially if they require any kind of repair or maintenance work. A tall ladder just isn’t practical for most of these situations.

Hard-Wearing Independent Scaffolds for Interior and Exterior Projects

Although these designs are unable to reach the heights of other scaffolding solutions, they offer a quick and practical solution for any project which is just out of reach. Birdcage scaffold designs are practical choices for both interior and exterior maintenance and installation work of all kinds. These solutions do not need to be attached to walls and can, instead, stand under their own weight.

Thanks to the hard-wearing nature of these standards and poles in your birdcage scaffolding, you’ll be able to offer a safe and easily accessible workspace to conduct any kind of essential work. This can include cleaning, maintenance, repair and installation as required.

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Here at Dales, we can provide a wide range of scaffolding installation services across Yorkshire. Our industry-leading birdcage scaffoldings are a safe and secure choice for all kinds of interior and exterior work. Due to their safety-conscious design, the risk of any workmen falling from these designs is practically nil. As the name suggests, birdcage scaffolds are fully-enclosed to deliver a completely safe space for all kinds of work.

The Dales Scaffolding team has been working to deliver high-quality scaffolds for all kinds of projects across Yorkshire. We are dedicated to helping our clients complete their work thanks to high-quality and completely reliable scaffolding solutions. We can deliver premium independent scaffolds to cities, towns and villages across Yorkshire, including:

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